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Sottotetto is a composite panel used for heat-insulated wooden based roofings, made of pine plywood skins and sintered polystyrene core.

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What it is and what it is for

Sottotetto's faces are made of pine marine plywood while the insulating core is made of close-cells sintered polystyrene.

The heat-insulated Sottotetto panel is suitable for  construction and renovation of roofs and pitched roofs. It can be used also in horizontal position as slabs or vertically as walls.

How it is made

Sottotetto's configuration:

  • two skins in pine marine plywood with phenolic glue
  • insulating core in sintered polystyrene with close cells, Class 1 homologation

Key factors:

  1. long-lasting stable insulation thanks to the release of cells in the air
  2. hight permeability to steam-water
  3. one of the best value foreseen by regulations as far as dimensional stability is concerned (5 x 10-6 mm/°C)

Sottotetto panel can easily solve loading capacity problems, thermal insulation and finish. Panels can be grooved like match boards and can be supplied with strip joints.

Main features:

  • excellent thermal insulation and mechanical performances
  • unassailable by mold or bacteria
  • lightness
  • affordability

Gluing meets the EN314 – Class 3 standards and is classified to low issue of formaldehyde (Class E1 in accordance with UNI EN 1084).

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