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Superlight blockboard

Low density Superlight Blockboard with skins made of rotary cut Fromager veneer and core in Albasia light wood.

High Tech panels
1220 x 2500 mm
1840 x 3640 mm

from 14 mm to 30 mm

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What it is and what it is for

The Superlight Blockboard has a low specific weight (300 kg/m³), external faces in rotary cut Fromager veneer and core in Albasia, a very light wood.

Thanks to:
- extremely low density: 40% lighter than the Okoumè plywood and 25% than Poplar plywood
- excellent dimensional stability
the Superlight Blockboard is very much appreciated in the manufacturing of furniture and furnishing pieces.
It is used for doors, doorposts, shelves and common joinery.

Moreover, it is widely used in the production of cabinets'doors for which a very good flatness is required.

The Superlight Blockboard can be manufactured in different compositions and thickness for the construction of doors on board, both raw and already veneered.


- lightness
- dimensional stability
- easy processing (cutting, plating, varnishing) 
- easier edge banding compared to honeycomb core panels
- higher screw holding compared to sandwich panels with core in rubber/cork/polypropylene


Gluing meets the EN314-1:2004 Class 3 standards and is classified to zero issue of formaldehyde (Test Report No.188766/1 according to EN717-2:1994 standards).

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