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IsoFlam C.P.

Fireproof composite panel with skins made of okoumè marine plywood and core in calcium silicate, ideal for boats' compartmentations when B15 Class certification is required.

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2500 x 1220 mm

25 mm

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What it is and what it is for

Composite panel with faces made of fireproofing okoumè marine plywood and calcium silicate core.

The Isoflam panel has been certified Class 15 fire retardant by the Commission Directive on marine equipment MED and U.S. Coast Guard with Certificate N° 0987/MED-B/37 and Wheelmark certification No. 0987/MED-D/474.
Thanks to its lightness and resistance to fire it is used to build boats' bulkheads and furniture within the boating industry and when certification in Class B15 is required.

How it is made

  • faces in fireproofing okoumè marine plywood, thickness 1,5 mm: the okoumè wood is easyto work (cutting, plating and painting)
  • core in low-density calcium silicate (made of quartz sand, lime, cellulose and water)

Isoflam C.P.'s properties provide:

  • fire resistance
  • lightness (low-density panel: 7,5 kg/m2).


Gluing meets the EN314-1:2004 Class 3 standards (marine gluing) and is classified to zero issue of formaldehyde (Test Report No.188766/1 according to EN717-2:1994 standards).

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