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Isophon Bars

The Isophon Bars are soundproofing and anti vibration composite bars made of Okoumè marine plywood and rubber and cork. They can be fixed both to floors and to bulkheads of yachts' compartmentations.

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What it is and what it is for

The Isophon bars are soundproofing stripes featuring very high anti vibration performance. They are made of Okoumè marine plywood with a medium-density non-toxic core made of rubber and cork (about 440 kg/m³).

Three different types of Isophon bars are suitable for floorings and walls and have been designed to ensure a solid fixing of all boats'compartmentations, granting a perfect insulation inside the rooms.

Isophon Wall

The Isophon Wall bars have been studied to be fixed vertically to the walls. It is the perfect solution to increase sound insulation and reduce the propagation of vibrations between the rooms. They can be supplied with pre-drilled holes.

Isophon Floor

Ideal for the construction of anti vibration flooring of large and medium-sized boats. Usually, the bars are placed on the floor at a distance of about 50 cm each other so as to form a grid frame. Then it is possibile to lay on it the preferred floor

Single-side Isophon Floor 

These bars have a single side of marine plywood and the other side is made of anti-vibration rubber and cork. In this case, the rubber is glued directly onto the rough sub-floor surface (fiberglass, aluminum or steel). This solution is preferred when there is lack of space and therefore a thin item is needed.


Gluing meets the EN314-1:2004 Class 3 standards (marine gluing) and is classified to zero issue of formaldehyde (Test Report No.188766/1 according to EN717-2:1994 standards).

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