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Mahogany veneer

Mahogany, a first quality wood, comes from selected logs and used to make fine furniture veneers.


from 0,6 mm to 2 mm

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What is it

Veneer refers to thin sheets of wood of uniform thickness that are sliced from logs.


Veneers are typically spliced together to obtain large sheets that are then glued onto raw plywood panels, blockboards and chipboards. This process allows the production of semi-finished products which are used for furniture and parts of furniture (doors, tops and panels for cabinets etc.) providing color uniformity and grain continuity.

Mahogany is traditionally used in the boat building industry for its features of hardness, durability and beauty.?


The veneer, which is obtained by slicing a log, is then bound in groups of 32 sheets (0.6 mm in thickness). It is sold by the square metre. Our company offers the opportunity to buy both raw and spliced veneer. In the latter case, we can carry out splicing and pressing, as required by the customers.
Veneer splicing and gluing is performed by state-of-the-art machines that guarantees  perfect results.

Mahogany is appreciated for its workability, nail and glue holding properties.


Large selection always available in stock. Minimum order required: 50 m2

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