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Veneered plywood

Plywood panels with okoumè core and covered with precious veneers, used for naval interior design and furnishings.

3100 x 1830 mm
3100 x 1530 mm
2500 x 1530 mm
2500 x 1220 mm

from 2 mm to 30 mm

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What it is and what it is for

These plywood panels are made of okoumè core and veneer in fine species. The stratification in Okoumè marine plywood gives the panel characteristics of:

  • excellent durability in environments with a high level of humidity and salinity
  • low weight but high mechanical resistance
  • dimensional stability
  • easy workability

The okoumè wood can be veneered (usually 6/10)  in various species, depending on your taste:

  • teak
  • mahogany
  • cherry
  • oak
  • burls
  • maple
  • birch
  • cedar
  • tanganika
  • wengé
  • ash
  • beech
  • douglas
  • iroko
  • Alpi’s pre-finished veneers or similar

The different kind of wood veneers can be both natural, reconstituted and dyed, burls included.

The panel can be veneered on one side only and counterbalanced on the other, otherwise it can be veneered on both sides.


Gluing meets the EN314-1:2004 Class 3 standards and is classified to zero issue of formaldehyde (Test Report No.188766/1 according to EN717-2:1994 standards).

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