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Pine marine plywood

The pine plywood panel, bonded with phenolic glue, combines resistance and cheapness features. It can be used both in the construction and marine industry.

2440 x 1220 mm

from 9 mm to 30 mm

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What it is and what it is for

Marine plywood made of rotary cut pine, homogenous in structure, with phenolic gluing. It is available in the following types: BX/CX and CX/CX.

This panel offers good mechanical performance and high resistance to moisture. Therefore, it is mainly used in building construction (house bracing with wooden structures, load-bearing floors, L-beams, etc.), in industrial packaging and marine industry.

Pine marine plywood main features:

  • it can easily withstand high humidity levels and salinity
  • lightness along with high mechanical performances
  • affordable price
  • easy to saw, nail and screw

The phenolic glue system is carried out according to EN 314 Class 3 rules.

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