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Phenolic Coated Plywood

Birch plywood, marine gluing for exterior applications, overlaid with phenol film on both faces (special surface pattern on one side, smooth surface on the other side) and protected edges. It is used for floorings: stages, platforms, scaffolds, bus and trailers.

1525 x 2500 mm

from 12 mm to 18 mm

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What it is and what it is for

The phenolic coated plywood is made of rotary cut birch, bond glue line suitable for external use, whose faces are covered with a dark phenol film (120 gr/mg).
It features one anti-slip side that provides grip performance and one smooth side. The edges are painted with non-hygroscopic product.

The phenolic coated plywood is ideal for truck flooring and floorings in general: bus, railway carriages, stages, platforms, scaffolding and shelving.

Main features:

  • wear-resistance
  • anti-slip finishing
  • protected edges
  • simple cleaning
  • ready-to-use finishing

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