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Mahogany marine plywood, RINA

Marine plywood, RINA certified, with phenolic or melamine glue, entirely made of Mahogany layers (Sipo, Sapelli and Khaya), ideal for marine applications.

3100 x 1530 mm

from 3 mm to 30 mm

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What it is and what it is for

Marine plywood panel made of rotary cut Mahogany – in three different varieties: Sipo, Sapelli and Khaya – with phenolic or melaminic gluing, RINA approved (DIP 033711MI).

The rotary cut Mahogany marine plywood is the top product in the range of marine plywood, specifically designed for the construction, in the traditional way, of structural parts of boats: bottoms, hulls and structural applications and fittings in general.

This panel is notable for its high technical and physical characteristics. The mahogany essence features high mechanical strength along with excellent durability under extreme operating conditions (humidity and salinity).

It can also be done with more plies where high mechanical performances are required:  layered wood or super layered wood.

The phenolic and melaminic glue lines used in the production are both boiling water resistant, then ideal for external uses, in accordance with EN 314 Class 3 – UNI 6478/69 M100.

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