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Isopaper plywood

Okoumè plywood covered with a ready to paint paper, ideal for furniture, ceilings, bulkheads and other compartmentations.

2480 x 1200 mm
3080 x 1510 mm

from 3 mm to 40 mm

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What it is and what it is for 

Okoume Isopaper is an okoumè marine plywood panel with a thin paper overlay on both faces, ready to be varnished or painted.

It is widely used for furniture and structures that, at a later time, must be finished with varnishing.  The paper overlay considerably restricts the normal absorption of the paint from the wood thus reducing, dramatically, costs relating to this type of process.

How it is made

- Layers in okoumè marine plywood: it provides regular physical and mechanical performances over the years; easy to work with.
- Faces covered with ready to paint paper (about 230 gr.). It prevents excessive absorption of paint from wood.

The Okoumè Isopaper offers:

  • excellent workability
  • varnishing and coating costs reduction
  • dimensional stability


Melamine gluing (water boiled proof, ideal for outdoor uses) complies with EN 314-1:2004 Class 3 - UNI 6478/69 M100 and international rules (B.S. 1088 – DIN AW100 / A 100). It is classified to zero issue of formaldehyde (Test Report No.188766/1 according to EN717-2:1994 standards).

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