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Bendable Fromager

Bendable and elastic panel made of two skins of rotary cut African wood Fromager and a core of thin flexible wooden layer, ideal to produce curved structures having also tight radius.

3100 x 1830 mm
1830 x 3100 mm

from 5 mm to 12 mm

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What it is and what it is for

The Fromager bendable panel is manufactured from minimum two skins of Fromager exotic wood and a thin and flexible central core.
The bendable Fromager plywood can accommodate very tight curves in accordance with the thickness of the panel. Available in both long grain (310x183 cm) and cross grain (183x310 cm) orientation.
Another peculiar feature of the bendable Fromager is its low weight of about 400 kg/m³.

It is suitable in the manufacturing of furniture and for the interiod design industry.

It must be veneerd after bending.

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