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Teak Logs and Lumbers

Teak scantlings (square-edged boards), sawn logs of the highest available quality, widely used in the boating industry.

Lumber and logs

from 27 mm to 100 mm

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Specific weight
650 / 700 kg/m³

Origin and quality

Our teak comes from Southeast Asia's forests.
All teak scantlings complies with export quality F.E.Q. (First European Quality), that means that the timber is free of sapwood, knots and heart defects.
As for teak logs, we can offer quality 4th (1 star) and SG1/SG2.


Our square-edged and air dried lumber is available in fixed thickness (see above), fixed widths (105 – 130 – 155 mm, and up) and lengths from 900 to 3000 mm and up.
Lumber is sold by board measurement.

Sawn logs and boules

The sawing process is followed directly by us.
The sawn timber is classified according to its quality and end use.
The thicknesses of sawn logs and boules are mainly 55/65 mm, ideal for the realization of deckings (width 50-60 mm).
The lengths of the logs varies from 3.50 meters up to 6 / 7 meters.
It is sold by log measurement (length x girth).


The teak lumber is used for the production of furniture (edges, profiles, etc.), floorings and outdoor facilities, indoor floors and the construction of parts of decks and structures of boats (e.g. handrails).
The sawn logs are particularly useful for the manufacturing of deckings for boats' decks.
These deckings features a more uniform colour. The log allows to maximize the utilization of the timber reducing wood waste.


Large selection always in stock, both of lumber and logs.

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