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Semi-edged and air-dried oak lumber, one of the most used wood in shipbuilding and civil constructions. It is highly valued for furniture and high-class joinery, panels and house floorings.

Lumber and logs

from 55 mm to 80 mm

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Specific weight
670-720 kg/m³ ca.

Origin and quality

We import first grade oak timber from European countries and from North America.


We sell air-dried and semi-edged oak lumber.
Lengths range from 2,50 to 4,20 mt and width from 15 up to 50 cm. It is sold by board measurement.


Oak timber is an important wood both from a structural and aesthetic point of view, especially when hardness and durability are required. It is used in different fields: furniture, interiors, doors and windows, stairs.


Large selection available in stock.

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