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Sapelli, Sipo and Khaya Mahogany

Mahogany lumber, sawn logs and bundles of the best available quality. The mahogany wood is traditionally used in the marine industry for its rot-proof characteristics, hardness and resistance to time.

Lumber and logs

from 50 mm to 80 mm

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Specific weight
650 kg/m³ ca.

Origin and quality

The mahogany lumber that we select comes from Africa, especially from western regions. Our commitment towards ecological issues has led us, over the years, to choose FSC-certified timber.

Lumber and sawn logs

The lumber is obtained from entire logs that we saw and pack into bundles, so as to ensure uniformity of colour and grain.
We have the following mahogany variants: Sapelli, Sipo and Khaya.
The lumber is sold by board measurement.
The lengths vary from 4 to 5 meters.


The mahogany lumber is used for furniture, boating, Riva®  refitting, boats'decks, outdoor floorings. Availability: Large selection always available on stock.

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