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Certifications and homologations

Nord Compensati has obtained, over the years, formal acknowledgments for the company's quality, product innovation and environmental sustainability.


Since 1978 NORD COMPENSATI production has been acknowledged by the Italian Naval Register as RINA CERTIFIED MARINE PLYWOOD. The RINA certification is a prerequisite in the manufacture of boats.

ISO 9001

The quality of the company is guaranteed by the ISO 9001 certificates, in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, issued in 1998 by the international organizations ISO, IQ-Net and Cisq.


In 2010 the company obtains FSC® certification that shows that the imported raw material comes from properly managed forests and can be traced back to the original log. The certification extends the concept of eco-sustainability to the whole production chain, from source material to the final product.

European Standard B-s2, d0 for XiloFlam 

The fire retardant plywood, XILOFLAM, specially designed by Nord Compensati, received in 2007, the approval of the class 1 fire reaction, released by the Ministry of the Interior and the European Classification for fire reaction B-s2,d0.

MED Directive and Wheelmark on IsoFlam 

The ISOFLAM panel has been recognized Fireproof in Class B15, according to the MED Directive and U.S. Coast Guard, with Certificate No. 0987/MED-B/375 and subsequent wheelmark certification.



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