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Teak deckings

First quality solid teak deckings kiln dried and faultless, suitable for boats's decks and outdoor floorings.

50 x 1800/4000 mm
60 x 1800/4000 mm

from 10 mm to 15 mm

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What it is and what it is for

We select  #1 quality quarter sawn solid teak, straight grains, no knots, faultless. The teak deckings feature 4 edges at right angle. They can be requested with or without rebating (grooves for the rubber insert) in different sizes, upon customers' needs.

The teak planks, ready for installation, are the perfect solution for indoor and outdoor boats's flooring and decks.

Our solid teak deckings stand out for:

  • straight grain and quarter sawn appearance;
  • wear resistance and durability;
  • ease of use.

Origin and quality

Our teak comes from Southeast Asia's forests.


Always available in stock.

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