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Contourkore® Balsa

Contourkore® is a flexible panel of Balsa wood, mainly used for the realization of complex shapes both of civil works and boats' superstructures.

Balsa wood
1220 x 610 mm

from 6 mm to 25 mm

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Specific weight
100/250 Kg/m3 ca.


It comes from Central America, tropical South America, particularly from Ecuador.

What it is and what it is for

Contourkore®  is made of rigid end-grain panels: a lightweight fiberglass scrim has been applied to one side. ?The core is scored into small rectangles (50x25 mm). It is used in the realization of complex shapes and composite structures for boats such as hullds, decks and for wind blades.

Contourkore® advantages


  • lightness and flexibility;
  • superior sound and thermal insulation properties;
  • high moisture resistance;

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